Shelter/Rescue Discount
Through no fault of their own, many dogs find themselves in shelters or with guardians who can no longer care for them. We believe each dog is special and deserves to be cherished and protected. We are dedicated to helping shelters and rescues find these loyal companions a loving and permanent home, and a second chance at life.
Considering adopting? We can help you find the shelter or rescue dog you're looking for, or we can help you determine whether that precious pup you're considering is a good match for your family and your lifestyle.
Did you already adopt your dog from a shelter or nonprofit rescue group? Thank you!! Show us your paperwork and receive a 20% discount on all training services!
SmartyPups also offers free consultations and basic training assistance to shelters and 501c3 rescue organizations to help them save more lives by getting more dogs adopted!
"To the world you are one person; to him, you are the world."